ArtWeek in Copenhagen

On September 2nd I will be showing one of my Mirroring reality sculptures and The Tubes at Artoteket on Nørrebro.
More infor coming up!


Through FOF Århus I will be giving a workshop at thei craftivism event on September. Vi skal høre foredrag og brodere brosten med fredsfr 30th. The theme is peaceful messages on foam cobblestones. Will you be joining us??

Works done by the other workshop teachers! 

Upcoming Exhibition - The human aspect

In September, I will be showing my needle pics and other embroidery works at Brodøsens værksted on Islandsbrygge.
Show opening September 23 kl.14-16
The exhibition is open on the following dates:
19-21. September 13-18
23. September 12-16
26. September 13-18
29. September 13-18
1. Oktober 12-16
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