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Ishøj bibliotek 3 marts - 14 april 2014

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Frederiksberg Hovedbibliotek 4-21 feb. 2014

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Fab Lab Makers Day 17 jan. 2014

Københavns hovedbibliotek

KBH læser Amok 2 nov. 2013

Københavns hovedbibliotek

Slagtryk festival 11 oktober 2013

Cafe teatret

Vigerslev bibliotek 12-26 sept 2013

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Fab Lab 19 aug - 11 sept. 2013

Valby Kulturhus 4 sal

Galore 15-17 august 2013

Books of mind is a large installation piece.  It was created for the Galore festival 2013. I usually create my work base on the things which have been going on in my life and arround me. All this year, people have been asking me if I had considered wrinting a book, they have been giving me book or recomending me book. So when I took my foam down from the attic, all I could see was book.
Books of mind describes the contence of a human life. All the stories a life contains, all the things we go through and the lessons we learn. So far the bookshelf contains 22 books, but a life is long and for each year, comes to contain many more stories.
The piece can be seen in Bella centret 8-10 november at BogForum 
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