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All eyes on me

What do we see when we walk through the world? Do we see other people, buildings beautiful details, grass growing through concrete? Or do we just see our selvs and how we hope others see us?! And why do we have this urgent need to be seen??

The lonely heart

A reminder that christmas is not cosy and joyous for all...

All I wanted for christmas

A comment on how children are often raised without learning the small joys in life and how parents allow them to rule the household. Also a comment on how, not so many years ago, children were lucky to get enough food every day and now the lates Ipad is the issue of the day.
Foam and polyester fabric. Hand embroidery and old T-shirt words.

Shopping list

A comment on the over consumerism of our modern day society.
Cotton on cardboard. Thread and old T-shirt words-

The ticket

We tend to think we have to get certain things to be happy. Medias and shops all over the world are telling us that we will be happy if we buy the right clothes, live in the biggest house, have the prettiest children and so on. So I present a ticket with which you can get all you need to reach a happy ending.
But do you truly believe this is the way to become a full and satisfied person? Is buying all there is to being a human being?

Whats holding you back?

There are som many things we plan, wish and dream to do. But in some way we find ourselvs not getting them done. Why is that? What is preventing you from doing the tings you really want to?

Commenting Copenhagen 

is a row of street art pieces I have made through the years. Hoping to nudge people out of their little worlds. Hoping to make them think a little differently about how they are living their lives.