Indoor Art / Needle pics
Embroidery has taken a twist and a turn or five in my nimble hands. In this project I combine the picture world of cartoons and the thoughts and feelsings of real life, the world of dreams.

They come into the world as scetches and make their entrance into the world as finished pieces, through thousands and thousands of hand mande stiches.
If you want to see more of the process, please go here

"The bigger I get, the smaller I become"

The three part piece below is made from black wool fabric and embroidery thread from my stash. Cotton, silk and a few weavers threads as well. With recycled foam for the filling.
May 2017

Needle pics

Framed thread drawings for sale


Sketch for my biggest Needle pic yet.
Nærhedsvanvid vs. Storhedsvanvid