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The Pink Armys demands are as follows:

1) All the wars in the world must come to an immediate end.

2) All the armies, militias, armed groups and terror cells in the world, must dissolve or rehabilitate and be placed in humanitarian operations around the globe. 

3) All Ministrys of Defences has to either dissolve completely or submit under the administration of the Cultural ministrys.

4) All weapons in the world has to be destructed and 

Re-melted into to toys. It counts for all forms of hand, - automatic, semiautomatic guns, arms and bombs, including all biological and atomic weapons and other means of mass destruction. Toy guns are exempted.

5) The base camp of Oksbol, the military aviation camp of Aalborg, Camp Høvelte and all additional military facilities in the world has to be demolished or rebuild into art museums, galleries or serve other harmless public functions.

6) All cannons and other artillery must be destroyed.

7) Tanks and armed SUVs etc. will either be disarmed and deployed serving as free public transport and school busses in the African continent or be melted down and recycled into other non-violent purposes such as toys or playground attractions for kids. 

8) Fighter jets, bombers, atomic submarines and all military and navy activities must come to a full stop. All equipment will be rebuilt into relief-functional vehicles and serve such as fire fighting, food deliver, dropdowns and efficient humanitarian operations. If this is not executable, all vehicles must be re-melted and reused in the production of harmless useful product items such as sippers, pens, cup holders and door handles. 

9) The horses of all National Guards regiments will be given away to riding sport clubs for children.


10)  All other military equipment such as boots, tents, bags and uniforms-, camouflage equipment, radios and logistic material etc. will be given away to NGOs such as the Army of Salvation, YMCA, boys scout communities, or get thrown away.

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- Make America Pink Again -

From Pink Army with love, to Trump...
For this video I hav sewn a pink costume. It consists of a jacket, pants, boots, helmet cover and belt with bags and a waterbottle. All made out of fabric and foam and love...

Embroiderd Soldiers

The following works are machine embroiderd Pink Army messages on fabric. They have been hung using spray glue, nice and easy...
Mission Aarhus kontrolbunker
Kulturprojektet "Skjulte steder" i Aarhus, invitereder Pink Army til at komme og invadere en af bunkerne der bliver brugt til at udstille kunst, installationer, poesi oplæsninger og meget mere...
Operation KØS

Om Walk This Way

"Disse billeder er fra udstillingen Walk This Way på KØS, hvor 16 danske og internationale kunstnere og kunstnergrupper udsmykkede en 2000 meter rute, der startede på KØS og bugtede sig gennem Køges historiske gader, krydsede jernbanen og sluttede i Søndre Havn – derfor navnet Walk This Way.

Udstillingen er vigtig i dansk kunst, fordi en række danske kunstnere med udgangspunkt i gaden og gadens kunst markerer sig i disse år, ikke kun i det danske kunstliv, men også internationalt. Dermed spiller de op til de gode internationale navne, og som moderne globetrotter rejser de verden rundt og skaber deres værker lokalt på stedet. Det samspil vil Walk This Way præsentere med de 16 navne."

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